All it takes is one person to change the lives of many

Lets help the indigenous tribal's of this nation escape the stranglehold of poverty and deprivation

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Time is the greatest support one can give, we seek your time in helping our mission and goals for the indigenous tribals of Jharkhand. With our programs spread across Dumka and Deoghar Districts we could do with ample use of your time

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Nothing would be possible without the love and support of generous folks like yourself.
We ensure that 99% of all donations go directly to the program.
We assure you of accountability and transparency.


An Educated Girl has a ripple effect She can lift her country out of poverty

If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school our GDP would rise by $6 Billion

Join us to #putourgirlsbackinschool #educateourgirls

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We aim to help Support the sustainable goals of the united nations

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If you would like to know more or join and partner with us, do drop us a line we look forward to hearing from you.


Head Office : Professors Colony,
St Columbas School Lane
Bilasi Town, B.Deoghar
Jharkhand - India - 814112

Off Campus : Village Dubaidhi
PO Kalajhar, PS Kathikund
Dumka, Jharkhand - 814103

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